IVF treatments in Sarasota can be personal and caring

Happy Patients on their way to the Obstetrician
Happy Patients on their way to the Obstetrician

Dr. Pabon is by far the best doctor I have ever gone to. He is so caring and attentive to all of your needs and concerns. He treats you as if you are his only patient and never makes you feel like he is rushing you out of the office. After one round of IVF, we received the great news that we are expecting. He and his staff are so supportive and make you feel like they are just as excited as you are. I have gotten so attached to the girls in the office. I am sad to be going to a regular OB now, but am so greatful for the outstanding treatment I received in his Sarasota office. They truly made one of the most emotional periods of my life into an amazing experience.

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Tampa IVF patients travel to Sarasota for IVF and Pre-implantation genetic screening

We worked with other specialists in the Tampa area and became frustrated with the lack of personalattention and results. We found Dr. Pabon online, but we were very reluctant about going through IVF with another doctor after our previous experiences. That is until we sat down and spoke with Dr. Pabon. Right away my wife and I could tell Dr. Pabon was different and that he had a great passion for his practice and a personal interest in helping us achieve our goal. He always provided my wife and Ipersonal attention as if we were a family friend not just another patient. Dr. Pabon employed a great amount of technology such as genetic testing to provide us with the best chance of success. We only had one shot and guess what, success! Of course we will always be thankful for Dr. Pabon’s help, but the result aside it was his passion, positive attitude, personal attention and friendly treatment that we will always remember most. Thanks for treating us like family Dr. Pabon!

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The offices of Fertility Center and Applied Genetics of Florida  and Julio E. Pabon, M.D., P.A in Sarasota, Florida, U.S.A.
Fertility Center and Applied Genetics of Florida
Sarasota, Florida Offices

Canadian Patients Succeed with IVF in Florida

We are out of country patients who have been referred to Dr. Pabon`s office. He and his staff offer a highly personalized and professional service. It is very unique that Dr. Pabon provides not only honest medical advice, but also emotional support through an adventure which has its ups and downs. This is so different from a large clinic where the staff treats you like a number and the doctors often change. We will be forever grateful to him and his team.

Tubal reversal are more successful than you may think

Dr. Pabon Performing a Microsurgical Tubal Reversal Copyright J. Pabon collection
Dr. Pabon Performing a Microsurgical Tubal Reversal
Copyright J. Pabon collection



Tubal reversals are successful and affordable when performed by an experienced microsurgeon that has specialized in tubal reversals.  The best tubal reversal surgeon for you may not be the most affordable, but the most experienced and well trained.  I am often surprised when I speak with other physicians about all the tubal reversals that I do.  It seems that most people in general are not aware that more than 70% of my tubal reversal patients become pregnant.

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Fertility Options for Cancer Patients / Oncofertility











Fertility options for cancer patients must be discussed with patients prior to chemotherapy, surgery or radiation therapy.  Recent advances in egg freezing, embryo freezing, and sperm freezing have made the possibility of future pregnancies by using banked tissues very common.  Many of you have read the article in our media page about the young couple that had the foresight to freeze sperm when facing the terrible diagnosis of incurable spinal cancer.  I was honored and happy to be of help to that family. Read More

Florida Fertility Doctor is Honored


March 18th 2013

Dear Dr. Pabon:

Congratulations! You have been recognized as one of America’s Most Compassionate Doctors.

Treating patients – not just the disease – is what you excel at, and your patients appreciate the kindness you have dispensed along with your medical care.

Every month, more than 200,000 patients across the U.S. provide online feedback about their doctor experiences. They rate various components of the care they receive, such as bedside manner, doctor-patient face time, follow-up care, ease of appointment setting and courtesy of office staff. They also share their overall opinions. Read More

In-vitro specialists beget a fertile business

By Margaret Ann Miille

Michele Gibbs of Sarasota tried to conceive a child for almost three years before deciding Mother Nature needed a nudge.

At the recommendation of her gynecologist, the 39-year-old registered nurse and paramedic in June visited Dr. Julio E. Pabon, a reproductive endocrinologist who performs in-vitro fertilization at the Fertility Center of Sarasota.

“It was about our only option to have a biological child,” Gibbs said. “The chance of my getting pregnant was about as good as a coin toss — about 50 percent.”

She learned on Sept. 26 that she was pregnant, most likely with twins. The technology and expertise that made that outcome possible didn’t come cheaply. Gibbs estimates her total out-of-pocket costs could exceed $15,000, including fertility drugs and special procedures.

“It’s a pretty expensive choice,” she said. But without it, “people would have to live out their reproductive years disappointed every month.”

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Tampa IVF patients are discovering Dr. Pabon in Sarasota

Dr. Pabon with his Patients' Choice Award
Dr. Pabon with his Patients’ Choice Award

IVF patients from the Tampa Bay area have been discovering Dr. Pabon’s IVF clinic in Sarasota.  It appears that patients are tired of not having personal attention from their Reproductive Endocrinologists.  In addition, Tampa IVF patients have discovered that it is possible to be treated like family in an IVF Fertility practice where the highest technology is available.  Patients enjoy the personal attention at almost every encounter from one physician with over 20 years of experience in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.


It appears that the patients from Tampa are eager to find out as much as possible about their embryos.  Many of them are requesting pre-implantation genetic screening of their embryos before transfer.  Tampa area IVF patients have discovered that Fertility Center and Applied Genetics of Florida and the offices of Dr. Pabon are one of the first IVF clinics in Florida that have experience in the laser biopsy of the trophectoderm of blastocysts.  Patients are learning that a single embryo can be transferred regardless of the patient’s age and expect an 80% chance of pregnancy if the embryo is one that is normal for all 24 chromosomes.

Microscope Stage with Micromanipulators Copyright J. Pabon collection
Microscope Stage with Micromanipulators
Copyright J. Pabon collection


Dr. Pabon treats patients from all of the Eastern United States as well as from Canada, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean.  Initial consultations for IVF, pre-implantation genetics, and surgeries can be scheduled through Skype video conferencing.

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Fertility Center and  Applied Genetics of Florida

Sarasota and Bonita Springs, Florida, U.S.A.

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Preimplantation genetic screening for all? Is it wrong to do genetic testing on all IVF embryos?

Microscope Stage with Micromanipulators Copyright J. Pabon collection
Microscope Stage with Micromanipulators
Copyright J. Pabon collection

Preimplantation genetic screening refers to the test that evaluates embryos for the presence of the normal number of chromosomes.  Preimplantation genetic diagnosis refers to the testing of embryos for the presence of a known disease that is carried by the family.  Whether clinics should offer PGS to all IVF patients is a very good question.  The answer to that question has changed recently.  In the past, the past being early 2012, we were still testing our embryos on the third day of “in vitro” growth.  We had been doing embryo biopsies for the past 12 years and offering the highest technology available.  All of our patients understood that the biopsy of day 3 embryos had the significant limitation of “mosaicism.”  That is, there was a 7-10% chance that the single cell that was tested would not represent the “inner cell mass” that would develop into the baby.

A cell or blastomere being removed from a day 3 embryo
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Recently, after more scientific information became available and the techniques for the biopsies of blastocysts were improved, we realized that the biopsy of blastocysts would be less invasive to the embryo than a day 3 biopsy and that the reading of more than one cell would provide our reference labs with more DNA for testing and therefore a higher veracity of the results.  Dr. Pabon met with Dr. Hughes from Genesis Genetics during a congress in Austin, Texas in May 2012.  At that meeting, Dr. Hughes shared much recent information regarding increased accuracy of pre-implantation genetic screening and diagnosis when several trophectoderm cells were  submitted for analysis.  It is estimated that the results of trophectoderm biopsies are more than 98% accurate.

Laser Assisted Hatching Copyright J. Pabon collection
Laser Assisted Hatching
Copyright J. Pabon collection

The accuracy of the genetic tests of embryos based on the biopsy of the trophectoderm are demonstrated by the pregnancy rate in excess of 80% when a single embryo tested in this way is implanted.  By comparison, embryos that were biopsied on the third day, did not have as high an implantation rate.  This most likely was due to limitations due to mosaic embryos, but also may have been due to the actual biopsy process of a day three embryo.

A hatching blastocyst just prior to laser biopsy
copyright J. Pabon Collection

So, if a physician can transfer a single embryo and enjoy a chance of pregnancy in excess of 80%, this means that the technology is more accurate than before and also that there is no need to transfer more than one embryo.  That means that blastocyst biopsies may revolutionize IVF by allowing more single embryo transfers with a very high chance of pregnancy.

The table below shows typical results of trophectoderm blastocyst biopsies.  “Euploid” is a genetic term that refers to the normal number of chromosomes.  The X and Y chromosomes indicate the gender of the embryo as XX female or XY male.

pgd results
Report from a blastocyst trophectoderm biopsy from Genesis Genetics after trophectoderm laser assisted blastocyst biopsies.


By: Julio E. Pabon, M.D., F.A.C.O.G

Dr. Pabon after surgery in 2012 copyright J. Pabon collection
Dr. Pabon after surgery in 2012
copyright J. Pabon collection


Fertility Center and Applied Genetics of Florida / www.geneticsandfertility.com

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