Fox News Medical “A” team incendiary statements about PGD

I am a frequent watcher of Fox and Friends in the morning.  I have enjoyed their show as well as the medical “A” team.  The medical “A” team has always been quite objective and interesting.

I was surprised on Feb 20th, 2014, when I saw and heard Dr. Marc Siegel comment on new PGD technology that allows us to test embryos for the presence of the BRCA Breast Cancer Mutations.  The usually objective Dr. Seigel  seemed to be fine with the test, but then went on to share his anxiety about the potential of PGD to lead us down the pathway of genetic engineering and the possibility that we may create an “evil super race” akin to the evil super beings from “Star Trek.” I was surprised to see Dr. Seigel go down the road of the news correspondent that tries to sensationalize a story for ratings.

Dr Siegel should have emphasized that Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis allows physicians like me to treat a family and many subsequent generations.  There are many horrible genetic mutations that lead to severe morbidity and the early death of children.  A mother that has lost a baby in her arms due to one of these conditions like cystic fibrosis or spinal muscular atrophy or a family that has dealt with the severe mental afflictions of Fragile X should have the choice to grow their family with much reduced risk of the known disease that they wish to avoid.  Dr. Seigel did acknowledge the usefulness of PGD in these severe and lethal conditions, but should not criticize families that may choose to modify the risk of a condition like breast cancer in their offspring.  Statements like the ones made on Fox and Friends alluding to physicians like me may potentially create an “evil superhuman race” are incendiary at the least and should not be made by a true man of science.

Twenty seven years ago I chose my career path with the hope that I would be able to apply genetic knowledge for the prevention of human afflictions.  Now it is part of my daily practice.  It is a powerful practice that inspires and humbles at the same time when we choose to implant a human pre-embryo that we know is free of the affliction to which his or her older sibling succumbed.

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I cannot say enough good things about Dr Pabon and his staff! I sought him out after 3 miscarriages due to a genetic chromosome translocation. I had consulted with other doctors and very much felt like another number, but after a consultation with Dr Pabon I was very impressed and felt that he was up to date with all the latest research, and also a very kind and compassionate man. I traveled from Tampa to Sarasota for treatment. He was able to detect another issue which could have prevented me getting pregnant and at my request (purely due to financial issues), assisted me in finding someone within my insurance network to correct it, and continued to coordinate my care during that time. When that was done, I was back with Dr Pabon and have had nothing but a positive experience. I have never seen a doctor go above and beyond like he does – and I work in the medical field. I have paged him with issues on the weekend and he is prompt to reply, even going as far as calling medication in to my pharmacy when needed. I am now pregnant due to an IVF/PGS/FET cycle and will forever be grateful to him and his staff for their excellent care.

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Our Tampa / Sarasota IVF Clinic leads in the application of new PGS / PGD IVF technology in Florida.  Our results from our 2012 IVF with PGS / PGD Blastocyst Laser assisted trophectoderm biopsy program show that patients that had a single euploid (number of chromosomes) embryo implanted had great success.  Patients that had fresh single embryo transfer achieved a pregnancy in 75% of cases.  More than 90% of patients who were treated with “all freeze” protocols followed by single euploid transfers achieved a pregnancy.  These results exclude patients that had abnormal endometrial lining development.nav

New IVF technology has allowed us to increase the probability of a normal pregnancy while limiting serious complication of Assisted Reproductive Technology associated with multiple pregnancies.  Our program has also eliminated severe ovarian hyper-stimulation as a complication due to our lupron trigger protocol and “all freeze” protocols.

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