Florida IVF Fertility Doctor Breaks Protocol and succeeds with Divine Intervention!!

Dr. Pabon in Sarasota
Dr. Pabon in Sarasota

Headline:           Fertility Doctor Breaks from Protocol and succeeds with Divine Intervention!

Fertility Doctor Breaks from Protocol and succeeds with Divine Intervention!

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes one has to be flexible.

A few weeks ago I was about to do an embryo transfer of a single genetically tested (euploid) thawed blastocyst for an extremely sweet couple. They had struggled with fertility problems for quite some time. Unfortunately, we were well aware of a reduced chance of implantation given a very thin peak endometrial lining despite high dose estrogen for more than six weeks. We finally called the date for her progesterone start so we committed to the thaw and transfer. We had only one remaining frozen embryo for thawing and transfer.

As I approached her in the procedure room, she asked me to come near the right side of the procedure table. She surprised me when she pulled out a little white spray bottle and sprayed my hands. My Jewish patient told me that her Jewish neighbor had given her some holy water from her trip to the Vatican. 

We all said a little prayer and then I faced a dilemma. At this time I will usually wash my hands, but my hands had just been sprayed with holy water from the Vatican!!!

I decided to not wash the holy water off and just put on my procedure gloves. The embryo transfer went like a dream. NONE OF US HAD HIGH EXPECTATIONS…..including our patient who was not the most compliant with her supplements before her blood pregnancy test.  To all of our astonishment, her pregnancy test was positive and continued to rise. I recently referred her to her Obstetrician, our dear Dr. M. Finazzo. She is was more than 9 weeks along.
I thought I should share this cute story.

My Sincere Best Wishes to all the families we try to help.

Julio E. Pabon, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

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