Tampa Fertility Patient Reviews Dr. Pabon in Sarasota

More and more Tampa Fertility patients travel to Sarasota for expert and personal fertility treatments.  Here is a recent Review as seen on Google. Thank you for the confidence and the time to share your experiences.

From the patient:
I really wanted to wait until I was completely done with Dr. Pabon and his office before make a review so I could make the most complete, accurate, and informative one.

I came to see Dr. Pabon after my husband and I decided we wanted my tubal ligation reversed from 7 years prior. There are many other options in the Tampa area for tubal reversal/IVF but after reading his credentials, his website, and talking to his staff I knew he was the doctor that was going to make our dream come true: to have another squishy adorable little baby. The confidence his staff and even Dr. Pabon had himself was unwavering. All of his nurses, especially Christine, were completely excellent. I am a person that talks a lot and has lots of questions and never once did they seem annoyed. I had no questions, and more importantly no doubts, before going into surgery. I just knew everything was going to be okay. And it was! Dr. Pabon did such a great job with surgery, he followed up with me personally multiple times in my surgery. Throughout the entire thing Dr. Pabon made me feel like a person, not a patient. He talked to me and seemed genuinely interested in me as a person and was so respectful! The surgery was definitely a success because after only 4 cycles of trying, I am 6 weeks pregnant!

I encourage everyone if they live out of town, or even out of state, to choose Dr. Pabon. You won’t have any regrets – I know I didn’t :)

Dr. Pabon in Sarasota
Dr. Pabon in Sarasota