Fertility IVF TV Show 2015 : Casting Call

J V Productions Plans a Fertility IVF  TV Show 2015.  This is the Casting Call.


A renowned television production company is seeking families for a new series surrounding fertility.

JV Productions Inc. are the producers behind the hit shows Selling New York and Selling L.A. They are a Canadian-based and family-operated company that’s mandate is to produce high quality and engaging television programming.

They are currently casting for a new series that will follow several fertility clinics across the U.S. and the families that come through their doors. JV wants to highlight the struggles and triumphs of families seeking fertility assistance in order to bring new life into this world; and to showcase the new medical and technological advancements that are changing the way we make and define family.

Are you interested in sharing your story with a North American television audience? If so, please contact ashley@jvproductions.ca. She is delighted to hear your personal stories and answer any questions you may have.