Doctor Pabon Will Attend 2013 London Fertility Show


Dr. Pabon, C.E.O., Medical and Laboratory Director of Florida’s premier IVF center will attend the London Fertility Show in November 2013.  He and his staff will be at booth 18 during the meeting to answer questions about all aspects of IVF and assisted reproductive techniques and how we help patients from Europe.  Please view our web site at or for further information.

A Doctor Pabon baby in London Copyright J. Pabon collection
A Doctor Pabon baby in London
Copyright J. Pabon collection

In-vitro specialists beget a fertile business

By Margaret Ann Miille

Michele Gibbs of Sarasota tried to conceive a child for almost three years before deciding Mother Nature needed a nudge.

At the recommendation of her gynecologist, the 39-year-old registered nurse and paramedic in June visited Dr. Julio E. Pabon, a reproductive endocrinologist who performs in-vitro fertilization at the Fertility Center of Sarasota.

“It was about our only option to have a biological child,” Gibbs said. “The chance of my getting pregnant was about as good as a coin toss — about 50 percent.”

She learned on Sept. 26 that she was pregnant, most likely with twins. The technology and expertise that made that outcome possible didn’t come cheaply. Gibbs estimates her total out-of-pocket costs could exceed $15,000, including fertility drugs and special procedures.

“It’s a pretty expensive choice,” she said. But without it, “people would have to live out their reproductive years disappointed every month.”

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A heart warming story about Infertility:

“Christine and Ryan began talking about children in October 2009, and the couple married Feb. 6, 2010. Christine had her first consultation with Lakewood Ranch Medical Center’s Dr. Julio Pabon in April 2010. After two failed intrauterine inseminations, the couple opted for an in-vitro fertilization treatment in November 2010.

“We got a Gia bean,” Christine says, smiling at her newborn.

Ryan, who will care for Giavanna once Christine starts back to work in a few weeks, already is getting proficient at changing diapers, feeding the baby and handling other day-to-day newborn-related tasks from his wheelchair. “ Full Story Here