Florida IVF Doctor with advice for Egg Donors

As a busy IVF Doctor in Florida serving Sarasota, Tampa, Bradenton, Ft. Myers, Naples, and Egg Donor IVF patients from all Florida and abroad, I had a good visit with a young lady that hopes to donate her eggs anonymously to a lovely couple.  During her counseling and education I was reminded of the great gift that our egg donor patients give.  As I do value them as dear patients, their wishes are very important to me.  Their anonymity is important to them as it is to the intended parents.  We had a conversation about her reasons for being interested in egg donation and as I spoke with her, I reminded her that she should be careful with social media and the internet.

Few of us realize that the internet is eroding our privacy gradually and surely.  For example, many people post many photos of themselves in social media sites. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view), the technology exists for facial recognition software to search the entire internet to find matching faces.  For that reason, I remind anonymous egg donors to not post straight on face “shots” in their social media pages or in the internet at all if they truly value their privacy.

Also, anonymous egg donors are asked to not join the social marketing networks of the fertility center where they are treated.

Just a reminder from your doctor,
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All the best!!

Julio E. Pabon, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Fertility Center and Applied Genetics of Florida

Sarasota and Bonita Springs, Florida  U.S.A.