International IVF Patients


A Doctor Pabon baby in London Copyright J. Pabon collection
A Doctor Pabon baby in London
Copyright J. Pabon collection


International IVF patients often travel to Florida.

IVF Tourism or Fertility Tourism has grown significantly over the past decade.  There are patients in countries where that access to IVF is limited or quite slow.  There are some countries where there are strict rules about egg donation, surrogacy or family balancing (sex selection).

We are quite fortunate to work in Florida and in the United States where there is still efficient access for IVF services.  In addition, the west coast of Florida is a common vacation destination for Europeans looking for sun and beaches in the safety of America.

Our clinic has helped patients from Canada, Spain, Italy, The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Kuwait, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Unique benefits for patients from other countries include:

Our ability to provide an anonymous egg donor where the patients can view photos and extensive background profiles.  Many countries limit the information available to patients.  In addition, we have a large pool of egg donors because in Florida donors can be compensated for their time and efforts.

Our ability to have an active and safe gestational carrier (surrogacy) program.  Gestational surrogacy is not allowed in some countries while in other countries it may be allowed but the gestational carrier cannot be compensated.  This leads to a shortage of available “volunteers”.

Our ability to perform genetic testing on the embryos and our ability to disclose the gender of the embryos.

An additional benefit is the confidence that your physician and team function in The United States of America where medical practices are highly regulated and the requirements for training of fertility specialists (Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists and Infertility subspecialists) are quite lengthy and strict.

Most international patients contact us via e-mail.  Our offices process the e-mail and most commonly a consultation is scheduled with Dr. Pabon via the telephone or SKYPE.  Dr. Pabon will review your past history, speak about preparation for pregnancy, review preparatory tests that can be done at home before you travel, review the treatment and risks, and the limits of the technology.